Funny Kid Doesn’t Trust His Sloppy Joe. Wait ‘Til You Hear What He Thinks It Is!

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Who doesn’t love a sloppy joe? It’s a delicious, messy, all-American classic that is usually a huge hit with kids…except this toddler, it would seem. Declan here is saying nothing but nope, nope, nope to his dinner because he’s convinced the Sloppy Joe is in fact “poop.” No matter how much his mother tries to […]


One Artist Spent Countless Hours Drawing These Shocking Images And…LOL.

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One thing is certain: You can’t argue taste. Artists often re-imagine famous works of art and pop culture. Some artists have creative minds and can make you look at familiar characters from a different angle. Claudio Francescato certainly has us looking at a different angle of these famous pieces of pop culture. Some of us may wish we […]