The CDC knew about the Ebola threat on the Carnival ship on Oct. 15.

, , , ,!/Shroomcam/status/523113212603301888 Oh, my. If you didn’t think trust in government could get any worse, think again. Check out the statement put out by Carnival Cruise Lines from earlier today that states the CDC told Carnival on October 15 that one of their ships was carrying a health care worker from Dallas who had been possibly exposed […]


Carnival Cruise Lines now the winner for the worst timed tweet in history

, , ,!/naicirtcele/status/522560219126054912 So, how will the Ebola outbreak in Africa and fears or more infections in the U.S/Europe affect the stock prices of travel companies like Carnival Cruise Lines? CNBC asked Carnival’s CEO that very question on October 15: Carnival Cruise UK chairman to @CNBC: "We have seen no impact on our future bookings whatsoever" from […]