Falcons’ Roddy White deletes tweet moaning about fantasy football, apologizes

, , , , ,!/roddywhiteTV/status/510594537635708928 Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White apologized for posting a tweet moaning about losing his fantasy football matchup this Sunday due to the Adrian Peterson indictment and deactivation. Roddy White why? — Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) September 13, 2014 @WillBrinson first comment says it all. — Danny (@recordsANDradio) September 13, 2014 @WillBrinson he […]


‘Just fail after fail’: Opening ceremony suffers major ‘ring malfunction’ [pics]

, , , , , ,!/AmeliaGregory/status/431825950364696576 Awk-ward:!/lachlan/status/431827225248542720 Then again, it totally makes sense. This is Sochi, after all.!/Crackmacs/status/431825983700598784!/TheDHisSilent/status/431825897487093760!/morganswank/status/431829370341052416 Snort!!/bigmoffatt96/status/431828241318281216!/ColtonDaly/status/431828441319493632!/KamrenTt/status/431829193437888512!/thatjohn/status/431826505048801280 Heh. Parting speculation:!/Thesleepingwolf/status/431827627511259138!/floraivezaj/status/431827805953748992 Yeesh. *** Related: ‘Dangerous face water’: Journos in Sochi live-tweet hilarious and freaky ‘amenities’ [pics] ‘WTF is that last one?!’ Viral image of Sochi bathroom rules is delightfully baffling [pic] […]


Miami Dolphins fine, suspend player following comments about Michael Sam

, , , , ,!/AbramsonPBP/status/465678574096506880 Michael Sam was the 249th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft. After he was chosen by the St. Louis Rams, a photo of Sam kissing his boyfriend made the rounds. This was re-tweeted by Sam:!/Vitcamm/status/465325561402101760 After the national coverage of Sam celebrating being drafted by the Rams, Miami Dolphins defensive back Don […]