Fans of ‘Red Eye’ had better snatch up this action figure soon

, , ,!/AMFLincoln/status/526179144074133504 As Twitchy has reported, there are dueling petitions demanding that a set of controversial “Breaking Bad” action figures be pulled from/restored to the shelves of Toys R Us. While collectors race to pick up Walter White and his bag of meth, they might want to grab this even more controversial figure brought to us courtesy […]


‘Awful contest’: Alan Grayson’s ‘prize’ offer induces bipartisan shudders

, , , , ,!/Bilford_Wrimley/status/520930103703130113 Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson is soliciting campaign donations as all politicians do, except Grayson is offering this “prize” to sweeten the deal: You can win a free trip to Orlando to meet Nancy Pelosi and me. Contribute: — Rep. Alan Grayson (@AlanGrayson) October 11, 2014 Is that remotely enticing? @AlanGrayson I’d […]


‘Sunny-gate’: Did Obama family dog knock over toddler? [pics, video]

, , , ,!/MaeveReston/status/408321882887184384 One of the Obama family dogs, Sunny, was blamed by some for getting a little too rambunctious with a toddler today at a White House event. At first the interaction was friendly:!/andylevy/status/408345171492081664 Until something went awry:!/eScarry/status/408333678482178049!/arishapiro/status/408310996156297216!/SalenaZitoTrib/status/408322676194025472 There’s some debate over whether the dog knocked the girl over, or if she […]