Bill and Hillary’s ‘romantic’ tweets will make 2016 almost intolerable [photo]!/billclinton/status/388618880605646848 Get used to the flood of wannabe lovey-dovey tweets and “romance is alive” photos as we head toward 2016.!/mattstandeuce/status/388639109117652992 Just askin: Does that pic of Bill and Hillary remind anyone else of the first few seconds of this old “MADtv” skit? Worth noting: Hillary has yet to retweet the photo or reply to […]


President Obama reveals secret fantasy: tour Tel Aviv wearing fake mustache!/Yair_Rosenberg/status/312272580943937536 No, this is not an episode of “Being Biden,” which is certain to be some sort of audio sitcom. This is another entry into the sad, sad drama that is being President Obama. He’s a pretty friendly guy and he likes a good party, but he’s so, so lonely. If only he could put […]


This Pup’s Reaction To His Dad’s Sneaky Magic Trick Is Perfect

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Even though you know for a fact that magic is all a game of distraction, smoke, and mirrors…I’m sure you’ve had a moment of pure amazement watching a magician at work. Your childish sensibilities kick in and override the rational part of your brain, and that’s totally fine! Who says you’re not allowed to enjoy […]


Meet The Grumpier Version Of Grumpy Cat — She’s Adorably Upset All The Time

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If you don’t know about Grumpy Cat, I’m not sure where you’ve been for the past few years. You see, the silly feline has a permanently unhappy look on her face. She has more than 8 million followers on Facebook and her own comic books. She’s kind of a big deal…but you wouldn’t know it […]


What This Guy Can Do With Sharpies And Blank Paper Is Beyond Awesome

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Creating art that tricks the eye is always fun. There’s just something about duping an audience that is thrilling and satisfying. If you’re an artist who loves a good prank, you’re going to want to check out this amazing 3-D trick. All you’ll need to pull this off is a few Sharpies and a blank […]


These 2 People Found What Looks Like The Gateway To Hell. Look Inside… It’s Unreal.

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In the middle of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, there is an extremely active volcano complex. It’s known as Tolbachik, and it being in the midst of an active eruption isn’t that uncommon. That’s why the adventurous photographer duo from Kyrgyzstan, Andrew and Luda, decided to pay Tolbachik a visit. They wanted to get up […]


‘Oh history. You so crazy!’ Something’s AWFUL familiar about Hillary’s #BenghaziHearing pose [photo]

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Hillary put on quite a sickening display at yesterday’s House Benghazi Committee hearing. From hercasual lying to her smug expressions to her bizarre attempts at humor to her creepy cackling, she was as hideously awful as ever. Did you catch this moment? Blogger Caleb Howe did, and he couldn’t help but notice something rather … […]